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Summer 2019 Newsletter

The weather is starting to look more like summertime so, I thought this would be a great time to send out our KMPC newsletter to keep you up-to-date on all the news before it's time to head off to enjoy your summer fun!Feeling Green?  Well You May Be in Luck If You...

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Should I Incorporate My Business?

This is a question I have been asked many times by small business owners during my 26 years as a Chartered Professional Accountant. The answer, however, is not a straightforward one. Recent tax law changes have removed some of the benefits but there are still some key...

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10 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Website in 2019

This month we have invited Mb2Online, a local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Web-Design company, to be a guest blogger on a topic that I often discuss with clients… How To Be Competitive In The Digital Age***Small business owners are often hesitant to undertake...

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Kelly’s Updates from CRA

A few updates that you should know about… Mileage Claims: (Please Note Update for 2019 Tax Year - The mileage rate is 58 cents for the first 5,000 kilometres and 52 cents for the balance of the kilometres.) 2018 only...Automobile, the kilometre allowance went up a...

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The ABC’s Of Why Small Businesses Need an Accountant

When a small business opens its doors the realities of limited budgets often mean trying to do everything in-house.  While that approach may work for some areas of the business it is not advisable to adopt this approach with accounting.  Owners of a new business...

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Tax Tips and Updates

Psst.... RRSP Contribution Deadline is NOW & Other Tax Time Tips and Updates! In today's vlog Kelly Melanson, CPA reminds us that time is running out to take advantage of RRSP contributions for this tax year.  Kelly also shares some interesting updates and...

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Bill 148 – What Does it Mean to You?

In today’s vlog Kelly Melanson, CPA from and Kourtney Thompson from discuss the impacts of Bill 148 and the recent updates regarding the issue of income sprinkling and other recently changed corporate taxation rules by CRA (Canada...

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Updates on 2017 Proposed Tax Changes for Business

Hello friends!  Yes, I have an update on the latest rumblings from the government on the proposed changes to the tax rules for businesses released this past fall (2017) . In this video I discuss the latest updates and what they might mean for you and your company. I...

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Performance Management is Your Key to Success

Performance Management is a Critical Success Factor The past several blogs have focused on business process mapping that involves reviewing all of  your business processes to determine the areas that have risks or gaps and will need improvement. Now that you know how...

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How To Lessen the Stress of Back-to-school Season!

Getting the Most Out of Your Kids’ Back-to-school Season Yes, it’s that time again…back to school. A bittersweet time when you realize the lazy days of summer are nearing an end, your house will soon be a lot emptier (but tidier) and the...

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Business Process Mapping

Business Process Mapping - Getting the Big Picture Business Process Mapping (BPM) is a tool used to provide a company with a clear picture of how it does what is does.  BPM is applicable no matter what type of company, its product or service.  Every company is...

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The 3 Angles to Growth

Are You Struggling to Grow Your Business? Does it feel like you have hit a wall in your growth efforts? Do your growth strategies feel like they are falling short of the mark? If so, then your company has likely reached a fork in the road and it’s time to give your...

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Entrepreneurship: 7 Steps to Becoming an Effective Delegator

7 Steps to Becoming a Good Delegator Chances are when you started your business that you did everything yourself out of sheer necessity. Now that your business is growing in revenues and employees it’s time to learn how to be a good delegator. This may sound easy...

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